Seeing an orthodontist is an important part of oral hygiene. Did you know that the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children begin seeing an orthodontist at age 7? This is in conjunction with regular checkups at your dentist!

My teeth are straight-why should I see an orthodontist?

Orthodontists work not only with teeth, but jaw and facial bones, meaning their procedures are often more than just cosmetic. Using tools like x-rays, retainers and braces, they are able to detect and correct jaw issues that may not be apparent on the surface, especially in growing children. In fact, orthodontists can spot these issues before a child loses all of their baby teeth.

Catching possible problems early can help prevent more serious and costly issues from popping up later in life. Orthodontic treatment is in depth and personalized to each individual patient and can correct everything from a misaligned bite to an incorrect swallow.

Does my dentist count as an orthodontist?

While orthodontists and dentists are similar in their attention to oral care, in practice they are pretty different. Dentists typically focus on oral hygiene like cavity prevention and fillings, while orthodontists focus their work on the alignment of our jaws and teeth.

Orthodontic specialists are required to attend a few more years of school after becoming a dentist- similar to how a family doctor might continue studying in order to specialize in a specific field. Many dentists out there are licensed to do orthodontic work, but do not specialize in orthodontics. Drs. Turner and Wood have both received extra schooling to specialize in orthodontics and the impact that jaw alignment has on overall health.

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