orthodontic treatmentOrthodontic treatment can seem overwhelming at first. At TW Orthodontics, we are available any time to answer your questions throughout the treatment process.

Initial Exam

Your complimentary first visit will take around 40-60 minutes. We devote this much time in order to perform a thorough orthodontic exam. This includes photos and x-rays that will help Dr. Wood and Dr. Turner to make a diagnosis and a treatment plan for you or your child. Be sure to bring whoever is financially responsible for paying for treatment to this appointment.

During your first visit, we will discuss:

  1. If orthodontic treatment is necessary.
  2. The best treatment options for your needs.
  3. The estimated length of treatment time.
  4. The best time to begin treatment.
  5. The cost of treatment/financial arrangements.

How to Prepare

If you have dental insurance, please check with your employer or your insurance company for info regarding your benefits. When you arrive at your appointment, please have a current dental insurance card so that we may estimate insurance benefits for you. You can speed up the check-in process by completing the following new patient forms. These forms will automatically send to our office. Make sure to include your  insurance information on the new patient form so that we can give you the most accurate estimate at your initial visit.

Getting Braces or Invisalign

We make it our goal to start your treatment as soon as you are ready. Most times we can place your braces the same day as your consultation! This appointment usually take between 60-75 minutes. Starting Invisalign treatment starts with a scan of your teeth and bite and usually takes ~30 minutes.

Regular Appointments

After your braces or Invisalign have been placed, you will see us every eight  to ten  weeks for an adjustment. Adjustments usually take about 30 minutes.

Throughout your treatment, we can only see you by appointment. It’s important to us to keep our patient’s visits running on schedule. So we ask that if you need to cancel or reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible.