Braces Andalusia, AL

Did you know TW Orthodontics has a new location in Andalusia, AL? We are dedicated to providing Alabama with quality orthodontic care like braces, which is why we now have four locations across the state.

Our office in Andalusia has been open since August of 2018, and is home to Dr. Nick Turner, Dr. Brett Wood, and Dr. Jeffrey Shelley. Each have special training in providing patients with braces, and walking them through their orthodontic journey. We are extremely excited to be a part of the Andalusia community and love interacting with our patients as they walk through our doors!

Our Andalusia office offers many different treatment options unique to the particular patient.

Traditional braces

These are what you think of when you think of braces, with the typical metal wire look. However, we utilize the Damon™ System to make your experience as easy as possible. These braces don’t require elastic bands, easing the pressure on your teeth. We also provide them in clear and ceramic if metal braces aren’t your style. Braces in Andalusia, AL are available today – we are now accepting new patients! 

Invisalign clear liners

If you’re looking for an alternative to typical braces, here at our Andalusia office we offer Invisalign® clear aligners. Invisalign liners are clear and removable, requiring updates as your teeth shift. They offer the same results as braces through a different process.

Our doctors will work closely with you during your first visit to ensure that you end up with the best treatment for your teeth.

Wondering whether or not braces are for you? Are you wanting to begin braces in Andalusia, AL? Schedule an appointment with us and hear how we can help!