The most important thing to focus on when brushing your teeth is to take your time. Brushing every surface of every single tooth will take about three times as long as it normally does. Watch this video below to learn how you best take care of your teeth while you have braces.


Begin brushing your teeth at the top right area of your mouth and brush each tooth with five circular movement’s. Make sure to tilt the brush under your wire and gently brush two teeth at a time with five back-and forth motions. Also, tilt the brush over the wire to clean between your braces and gums. It is important to remember that if you don’t spend enough brushing to remove plaque and food debris, fluoride from toothpaste will not reach the tooth’s surface and will not be effective. Don’t forget to brush your tongue! A lot of bacteria that causes bad breath lives on your tongue. As you brush thoroughly the health of your gums and teeth will improve. Make sure you are also brushing your chewing surfaces of your teeth. This is something that often gets missed.

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