RetainersWhy Wear Retainers

Retainers keep your smile looking its best for the rest of your life. After you finish treatment, your teeth will naturally want to move back to their original positions. This could require you to start treatment over again and increase the overall cost of your treatment. To prevent this, we strongly encourage you to wear retainers long after treatment ends. This is called the retention phase.

On the day we remove your braces, we will provide you with a set of upper and lower retainers for you to wear. These appliances are included in the cost of your treatment. Some patients may need to wear theirs 24 hours a day, while others can get away with only wearing theirs at night. No matter how long we prescribe, be sure to follow our instructions closely.

How To Wear Retainers

  • To keep your teeth from moving back to their original positions, you must wear your retainer every day.
  • Only remove your retainer if you are eating at home, chewing gum, brushing, playing any contact sport, or swimming.
  • When you remove your appliances, keep them in a case to prevent accidentally throwing them away.
  • Brush with a toothbrush and toothpaste in lukewarm (never hot) water.
  • Keep all appliances at room temperature.

How To Clean Your Retainers

Use a small amount of dish soap (never toothpaste) and cool water and brush gently on all sides. Then, rinse using lukewarm water. If you notice staining, soak them in one part vinegar and three parts water. As with all appliances, never use hot water as this can warp the material.


While we include the initial cost of all appliances in your treatment plan, a broken or lost retainer will cost extra. We strongly encourage you to take care of your retainer and use it only as instructed and to keep your teeth mold in a safe place so that a replacement can be made at a fraction of full price if needed If you lose or break your retainer, contact our office immediately.