Braces are just for kids, right? Wrong! You’re never too old for orthodontic treatment. We see adults all the time that want to improve the look of their smile or overall oral health. Keep reading to learn how orthodontic treatment can benefit patients of all ages.

Adult Braces

Achieving a beautiful smile is the most obvious reason that most patients seek out orthodontic treatment – especially adults. We regularly hear our adult patients say that “crooked teeth” affect their self-esteem. We love helping the moms and dads of our patients who have always been self-conscious about their smiles be more confident! There are any number of reasons that an individual may seek out orthodontic treatment. Overbites, underbites and crowding are the most common, and can usually be solved by adult braces!

In addition to improving the look of your smile, adult orthodontic treatment can improve your overall oral health too. Many of the problems that may be considered visually unappealing, can also cause health problems. Overcrowding or misalignment may be to blame if you experience frequent tooth decay, TMJ pain, teeth grinding or even difficulty eating or speaking. Many times, adult braces can help to prevent common dental problems that can be expensive to fix or result in permanent damage.

Braces Don’t Have to be “Ugly”

A very common concern from our “mom and dad” patients are the way that they will look. And we totally get it! To make sure that you are the most comfortable with your appearance during your orthodontic journey, we offer a variety of options that will suit almost everyone’s needs. The most subtle option possible is always going to be clear braces. Did you know we can do traditional braces with clear brackets? It’s true!

Another option for adult patients is clear aligners. With clear aligner treatment, a series of trays are custom made for you. These aligners gently move teeth into their ideal position and are nearly invisible! They are also removable, which many patients find appealing. Aligners are an excellent option for most adult patients, who are self-conscious about their teeth, but concerned with the look of traditional braces.

Every mom and dad patient we see has different wants and needs when it comes to achieving desired results. The TW Orthodontic docs are happy to discuss all of your options and your individual treatment plan so you can make the best decision for your adult braces.

Convenient Appointments

Another big plus that we hear from our mom and dad patients is how helpful it is to schedule appointments at the same time as their kids. Many times, adults have put off seeking out orthodontic treatment because it doesn’t fit into their schedule. But now that you’re already going to be in the office, it has never been more convenient!

Getting Started

Sometimes the hardest part of starting an adult braces journey is just the first step of reaching out. Whether you’ve been wanting orthodontic treatment for a long time or are just coming around to the idea, we’re here to help! Let us know what questions that you have and how we can make you the most comfortable. Nothing should come between you and the beautiful smile you deserve!

At TW Orthodontics, we love helping families – and patients of all ages – achieve a lifelong, lasting smile and improve oral health. If you’re a mom or dad wondering about orthodontic treatment, just give us a call. Helping our adult patients find new confidence is one of our favorite things, and more than likely, it’s easier than you expect!